The Curse of the Shaman,
A Marble Island Story

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The Curse of the Shaman


by Michael Kusugak
illustrated by Vladyana Krykorka

What was it like before history recorded our lives? How did people live in the Canadian Arctic before there was contact with the outside world, before the explorers came, before the priests came, before the RCMP, before there was metal, when our people had to survive by their own wits? Everybody I talked to about this story wanted it but nobody wanted to publish it until Harper Collins looked at it.

I was thinking The Curse Of The Shaman, A Marble Island Story would make a wonderful book for those studying Inuit in social studies programs.

Reader’s Comments

“A captivating and magical story, Kusugak’s The Curse of the Shaman will delight readers young and old.” – Stephanie (Belleville, ON)

“The Curse of the Shaman was a very delightful read! I am so glad to have read this book, and am awaiting Mr. Kusugak writing more tales like it! I highly recommend it to readers of all ages!” – Sheila (Legal, AB)

“I thoroughly enjoyed reading The Curse of the Shaman! Kusugak has created a world of warmth, love, and magic in the harsh yet strikingly beautiful landscape of Canada ’s great North. I am sure children (and adults!!) will treasure this fantastic story. I know I can’t wait to share this gem with my own nephews and niece!” – Catherine (Thompson , MB)

“If anyone wants to know a little bit about the culture of the native people of the North, then this is a great book for you!” – Talitha (Cumberland Bay, NB)


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