Hide and Sneak

Hide and Sneak


by Michael Kusugak
illustrated by Vladyana Krykorka

On the great tundra plains of Nunavut, there is a creature that just loves to play hide and seek. The only problem with this creature is, if it helps you hide, no one will ever find you again. Well, Allashua loves to play hide and seek…


One lovely afternoon Allashua is lured into mischief by a charming but sneaky little creature.


“If you are looking for unusual and well-produced multicultural material … this story is an excellent choice.”
—The Bloomsbury Review

“… count on learning something about Inuit folk-lore, language and culture …”
—Children’s Book News

“A fun story about an independent, observant and ultimately clever child, this story is entertaining and provides a glimpse of the landscape of summer in the North.”
—Victoria Times-Colonist

Hide and SneakDetails

Reading level: Ages 4-7
Paperback: 32 pages
Publisher: Annick Press (March 1, 1992)
Price: $7.95

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How do you say that?

Ijiraq: i-ji-raq

Qitusuk: qi-tu-suk