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The Most Amazing Bird

The Most Amazing Bird (Annick Press, 2020)


Bush Pilots 
Bush Pilots (Pearson, 2017)
Published by Pearson Education 2017 * Available only through Pearson
Part of the Celebrate Canada Series


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Inuit Songs & Stories, Learn How to Throat Sing (Strong Nations, 2015)

A Dog TeamBaby Arctic AnimalsBirds Come and Go   I Built an Igloo      Snow

Northern Series, Strong Readers Series (Strong Nations, 2014)

 T is for Territories

 T is for Territories (Sleeping Bear Press, 2013)

The Littlest Sled Dog

 The Littlest Sled Dog (Orca Book Publishers, 2008)

The Curse of the Shaman

The Curse of the Shaman, A Marble Island Story (HarperTrophy Canada, 2006)

Who Wants Rocks?

Who Wants Rocks? (1999)

My Arctic Stories

Arctic Stories (Annick Press, 1998)


My Arctic 123

 My Arctic 1,2,3 (Annick Press, 1996)

Northern Lights

Northern Lights: The Soccer Trails (Annick Press, 1993)

Hide and Sneak

Hide and Sneak (Annick Press, 1992)

Baseball Bats for Christmas

Baseball Bats For Christmas (Annick Press, 1990)

A Promise is A Promise

 A Promise is a Promise (co-authored with Robert Munsch) (Annick Press, 1988)  

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